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Purgatory Vanguard

A path of souls to the end, a bull in a maze, a maiden lost in the stars.

Morass is a being created by the Goddess Psyche, and for millennia has kept the paths to the afterlife clear of blockades.

When dead souls cling to tightly to the memories of life, their leftover magic pools into a final wish; a dimension reflecting their own life. But these dimensions block the paths, and slowly corrupt and expand over time. Morass clears these one by one, whether by persuasion or psychical action.

But one soul does not rest, but finds a new attachment to Morass herself, being reborn into the afterlife as well.

Headless Love for Weirdos

A comic about a Dullahan and their Girlfriend.

monster wedding .jpg

The Monster prepares for a Wedding

Short comic about a large monster coming to the city to prepare for her cousin's wedding.

Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2020 Nominee

Available physical HERE


A f/f sci-fi comic about girls, robots, and crushes. 



Spring is sure to Follow

Coming of age webcomic about a group of friends and their experience with the natural and super-natural during their last year of highschool. Features a diverse cast of LGBT teens and their personal struggles while making the leap out of their teen years and into adulthood.

Available on Tapas and Webtoons


In a cyberpunk future; two lovers, Maron and Nana, play the role of an idol and her manager. See how these two came to the current place in life, and how they struggle to escape from the harsh industry and into a life where they can be together.

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